Late fee for delayed payment of LIC Premium Fine

How delayed payment interest is calculated?
LIC considers the delay of
1 month 14 days as one month.
1 month 15 days to 2 months 14 days as 2 months and like that.
A delay of just 15 days will also be considered as a delay of one month.
And the fine will be charged at the rate of 8%.

For example: A person has to pay a premium of Rs. 2000/-  he makes a delay of more than 2 months 14 days in paying the premium then the delay will be considered as a 3 months delay. The late fee rate for Rs. 1% premium for 3 months at the rate of 8% is 0.01999
Therefore the late fee he has to pay is 2000 x 0.01999 = Rs. 39.98/-.
The total amount he has to pay is 2039.98.


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