A. Maturity Value:
N A V of Units payable
at end of term.
B. Death Benefit: (to nominee)
I) Sum assured under the Basic Plan OR the
Fund Value of units is payable. Whichever is more.
iij Up to age 12 years, before the commencement of risk,
onlv "und Value of units is oavable
(Up to age 10 Risk from age 7 or 2 years from DOC whichever is later
For age 10 & 11 after age 12 and for age 12: instant risk cover

A Accident benefit' Available @ 0.50p per 1000 S A maxi Rs 50 lakhs
B. Critical Illness Rider: equal to S.A or 10 lakhs, whichever is less
C Settlement Option one month before maturity. The maturity benefit paid in instalments over 5 year's period. It will be
based on the current NAV as on date of payment. D. Life cover & Critical Illness charges will be based on the age nearer birthday of the Policyholder. The same
will be charged on the difference between SA and NAV , till such time the SA is greater than NAV.
D. Fund: The allocated premiums will be invested in any of the following fund selected by L.A.
1.Bond fund. 2. Secured fund 3. Balanced fund. 4. Growth fund.
Switch over from one fund to another fund is allowed FOUR times during the year free of charge.
E. Discontinuance Of premiums: Where at least 3 ,ears' premiums have been paid, the Life cover and Accident Benefit rider, if any, shall continue for two years from the due date first unpaid premium During this revival peno'd, the charges for Life Cover
and Accident Benefit cover wiii be taken by canceling an appropriate number of urns out of the policyholder's Unit Account every month
F. Surrender: There will be no Surrender charge, after completion of 3 years from Date of Commencement.
G. Partial withdrawals: The Policyholder can partiaiiy surrender the units. Partial Surrender may be in the form of fixed amount or in the form of fixed number of units, subject to mini. Balance of 2 annualized premiums where premiums for at least 3 years been paid.


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