A. Maturity Value: (On vesting)
Fund Value of Units will be compulsortiy converted into pension.
a. 1/3 Fund value can be commuted.
b. Choice of selecting any other insurance company to buy pension.
B. Death Benefit: before pension starts. (To nominee)
Natural death:
a. with life cover. Fund Value + S.A. of basic plan
b. without riafc mwm Fund value
c. Lapsed oomfHkm Fund Value as on date.
Nominee can take above in lump sum or in form of annuity or combination of both these for self.
A. Life cover: Regular mode: 5 to 20 times of Premium and for Single Prem. = S.A. = S.P.
B. Accident benefit: Available @ 0.50p per 1000 S.A.
C. Critical Illness Rider: equal to S.A. or 10 lakhs which ever is less.
Life cover and Critical Illness Benefit charges, during a policy year, will be based on the age nearer birthday of the Policyholder, hence may increase every year on each policy anniversary.
D. Fund: The allocated premiums will be invested in any of the foBowing fund selected by L. A.
1. Bond fund. 2. income fund 3. Balanced fund. 4. Growth fund.
Switch over from one fund to another fund is allowed FOUR times during the year free of charge. Thereafter, charge of Rs.100/- per switch in that year.
E. Top up: The policyholder can also pay an additional premium, at any time, in multiple of Rs.1,000/-
F. For discontinued policy risk cover:. Available maximum for 2 years after payment of 3 years premiums by
cancelling the units for morality charges.
G. Increase/ decrease in benefits: the risk cover can be reduced but cannot be increase.

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